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I’m Drew and I’ll bring your story to life.

An accomplished British voice actor and vocal performer based near the beautiful Lake District, I possess a friendly, engaging and slightly quirky voice that will articulate your message to perfection.

I always work to the highest professional standards, can easily manage tight deadlines and complete projects with limited studio time.

I have a fully equipped soundproofed and acoustically treated garden studio, so you will always receive broadcast quality audio.


  • 10 years in voice acting
  • 15 years in audio
  • 39 years in vocal performance


My remarkable range of character voices, soft northern accent and smooth, laid back manner can be successfully applied to:

  • Video games
  • TV/Radio commercials
  • Animations
  • Character voices
  • Commercials
  • Audiobook narration
  • Documentary narration
  • Dubbing
  • Explainer and e-learner videos.

I can breathe life into your story. Whether that story is for a corporate project, game or a commercial, satisfaction is guaranteed.


Boasting 30+ years’ experience as a vocal performer, I enjoy singing in a variety of styles, from rock to blues, country to swing.

I have successfully collaborated with songwriters around the globe, providing vocals for demos and jingles, including songs that have been submitted into the Eurovision Song Contest.

Past clients include: L’Oréal, Body Shop, Kia, Geico, Carling, TNT, Expo 2017 among others.


I also offer audio and video editing services to my fellow voice arists. This includes, audiobook editing and mastering of punch and roll edited files, audio editing for eLearning narration, remove unwanted words, sentences and sections, remove and edit unwanted fillers like umm, ahh. Remove coughs, unintentional breaks etc, remove long pauses and silence wherever they occur in the file, splice intro/outro music, restore, clean and master all audio. I can patch and splice the recorded voice on top of an existing video. The voice/music is edited for a well-balanced perfectly synced video.


If you would like to hire me for your next project or would like to chat about how I can be of service in anyway, please contact me via my web form below or if you prefer Email or Phone: +44 (0) 78251 83789

If you would prefer to go through one of my agents, please contact VoiceFox or

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to learn more about me and my voiceover services.

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