I offer a wide range of voiceover services including

  • Video Narration
  • Audiobook Narration
  • Documentory Narration
  • Phone messaging/On hold
  • Training videos
  • Commercials
  • Explainers
  • Radio Imaging
  • Dubbing
  • Video games
  • Character voices
  • Vocals for songwriter demo’s or jingles
  • Direct Skype connection to studio
  • High quality audio production
  • Audio editing and mastering

Studio Equipment

  •  Mic’s: RODE NT1 for voiceover & Aston Stealth for vocals
  •  Interface: Presonus Studio 192 Mobile
  •  Software: Steinberg Cubase 12
  • PC: Windows 10 Intel core i5 8core custom build silent PC
  • Studio Monitors: KRK Rokit 5 4G
  • Treatment: Soundproofing, Acoustic wedge foam, acoustic flat foam, Acoustic carpet, bespoke wooden sound diffusers.


There are no parts of the world I can’t reach with the amazing wonder of the World Wide Web. I will endeavor to get your project recorded in the shortest possible time. Most regular projects can be turned around within 24 hours.

I can provide you with fully edited and mastered audio from my studio. Remote connection available if you wish to listen in or direct the session.

My rates explained

Pro Voiceover Narration process

Much of what the professional voiceover Narrator does is dependent on all the systems, equipment, training and experience they invest in.

Like any other artist (dancer, musician, sculptor) or scientist (MD, Phd or other) the time taken to complete a job is nominal compared to the time devoted to polishing the craft, keeping up to date with the technical aspects of audio recording, and auditioning, sales & marketing to maintain a full time position in the market.

That being said, once a job is awarded to me, I do the following:

Prepare the script – This involves a read through, and deconstruct to understand both the through-line message and the points in between, so I can deliver the script as if I am the knowledgeable expert.

Enter my sound booth (equipped with High end condenser microphone, top quality pre-amp to connect & convert the mic to something readable by the iMac, & housed in a sound proof – i.e. £100 sq. ft. studio), set up an audio file to the correct recording levels (db, Hz, bit depth, etc) and record the script.

(Missing step – the years it has taken to be able to read a script flawlessly & make it sound engaging & conversational with the right blend of authority & comity)

Edit and re-record any errors, de-breath and edit sibilant or other distracting sounds. If the job needs to be cut into files, I do that as well.

Mix the file, which involves EQ, compression and other plug-ins to ensure a steady even sound at the correct level.

Send the file(s) via FTP or other means.

Be available to record any Pickups or changes to the script.

Be available in general so my clients can rely on me.

The above information was based on Kim Handysides – Voiceover Artist blog post

Terms and Conditions

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