What does a voiceover artist actually do?

So what does a voiceover artist like myself do? I get asked this question quit often, usually accompanies with a bemused face. Well technology has come a long way over the past 5 to 10 years, so there is not much that a voice artist can not do with his voice. The audiobook industry is booming so that’s one area covered. Also the gaming industry has over taken the film and music industry combined, so theirs two areas covered.
Then there are a few more options like these:  Websites, Cd-Roms, Interactive DVD’s, iPad, iPhone and Android Apps, E-learning courses, Podcasts, Interactive children’s storybooks, meditation CD’s, toys with embedded sound chips that speak, museum and exhibition guides, pre-recorded announcements on transport, public information services, in-store commercials, theatre shows that require pre-recorded voice, infomercials, shopping centre announcements, film dubbing for foreign film, Answer phone messages, interactive on-hold messages (I’ve done that too), corporate presentations, promotional updates for websites, YouTube videos and external pitches to clients, to name a few. …. The list goes on.

Keep your ears open and listen to all the voices you hear, including your sat nav and smart phone.

The video below is me in my studio narrating (with mistakes), editing and finally the finished product.

2 thoughts on “What does a voiceover artist actually do?

  • Oh So that’s how it’s done. Oh so that’s the remedy. I so need that built into my DNA. (Tee hee)
    That’s what one needs when reading aloud for long stretches when the cheeks sink in to crowd the teeth and we bite the sides of our mouths when speaking. When the jaw gets lazy and won’t rise to help enunciate the words any longer the up and down movement paralytic in situ. LOL When the tongue seems to grow shorter and thicker. Or when the dry throat get scratchy and every other word is emphasized by a tickle a cough a clearing of throat or not and speech becomes garbled and words are read and transposed. Oh this is the remedy the cure. Edit me, don’t print me and forgive my humor but I am delighted to see that there is this marvelous editing machine. Now if only I can get it installed “In me.” Love this Drew. Keep Shining my amazingly articulate, wonderfully talented, beautifully voiced friend.

  • I love this, your voice sounds great. The pop and squirt sound fx came as a surprise because I didn’t realise you made mistakes until it was obvious..

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